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Kevin Taylor in his second week at HOWARD PLANT SALES LTD secured a deal for a CAT 309!
This machine was sold with no hitch or buckets as is it being mounted with a drilling rig. (Pictures to follow)
This CAT 309 CR high flow has been sold to a Staffordshire based specialist drilling company. Equipped with a dedicated Auxiliary pump, uniquely the CAT 309 auxiliary circuit produces a massive 140 Litres per minute without any impact on the smooth and precise operation of the machine’s main controls. The ability to provide 140 litres per minute to the drilling head without slowing any other operation was paramount in purchasing decision. Furthermore the long/wide undercarriage and Dozer Blade taken from the CAT 310 makes the 309 an extremely stable platform.
✔️ Long Undercarriage (310 twin dozer ram)
✔️ Stick Steer
✔️ Air Suspension Heated Seat
✔️ Next Gen Advanced LCD Monitor
✔️ Radio connection with Bluetooth
✔️ Dedicated Auxiliary Pump
✔️ Double Hydraulic Lines with Proportional Controls
✔️ Reverse camera
✔️ Heavy lifting capabilities
Call or email more information and pricing on the full range of CAT BCP range.