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Reduce your cost of ownership

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Posted on Fri 4th Jun 2010

High prices for Volvo Compact Equipment have been achieved and recorded at recent sales, including Euro Auctions 2nd to 4th June. The high values achieved reinforce the elevated demand for the Volvo brand within the used equipment market. Furthermore, and of huge importance to Volvo owners, Volvo used machinery prices have surpassed their competitors by achieving higher prices within the UK and the wider global market.

When purchasing new equipment it is somewhat difficult to project the true cost of ownership, however, the upfront cost of equipment is not always the best measure. Without doubt, the residual value of your equipment is a paramount factor in relation to the overall cost associated to the operation of your equipment.

The inherent longevity and proven build quality of the Volvo compact range attracts used equipment buyers. Successive buyers can purchase the Volvo brand without the fear of costly refurbishment or intrinsic hour driven failures, consequently and quite simply, they are prepared to pay more.

Acquisition, low cost operation and residual value are key ingredients to your maximum return on investment, the market has proven that a few hundred pounds saved at acquisition on a lesser resilient machine can widen the gap at disposal by thousands.

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